Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year, Fresh Start

We are having a less-than-stellar start to the new year, with both boys home sick today, the first day of school after winter break.  Craig's got bronchitis - after 10 days with just sinus congestion but feeling fine, he finally succumbed to a secondary infection yesterday!  Poor Jamie has been badly crashed since Christmas (not that he felt all that good before then but he was at least partly functioning).  We've been trying to adjust his Lyme medications in case this is a herx reaction (and it might be, partly), but I think he is also just reacting to being exposed to Craig's infections.  One of those infuriating times with CFS that you just have to wait out.

Despite these setbacks and disappointments, I feel energized and hopeful.  I always feel this way at the start of a new year, even when I've been severely ill (well, maybe not the energized part).  There's just something about January 1, the beginning of a brand-new year, that makes me feel optimistic, as if anything could happen in the new year.

I love reading January issues of magazines (I indulged in a bit of that during the holidays) - all of those articles about getting organized, losing weight, and starting fresh just inspire me.  I came back from our trip to Oklahoma (visiting my father-in-law) ready to face my never-ending to-do list once again, feeling far less overwhelmed than usual and more positive about my chances of actually getting everything done.

I feel ready to tackle my goals anew: both the old goals that didn't get accomplished last year and also new goals that I feel like I can now tackle.  Since we just came back from out of town, I haven't had a chance to review my goals yet, but I promise to share the health-related ones with you.

I even feel optimistic about ME/CFS.  The pace and quality of scientific research has improved dramatically in the almost-10 years that I've been sick.  There were several exciting new developments in the past few years, and even the ones that didn't pan out provided critical information for future research.

So, Happy New Year!!  Here's to a happy and healthy new year, filled with hope and joy!


Renee said...

Sorry to hear Jamie is still struggling so much. It is hard enough when we are adults but with teens and kids it doubles it I am sure...Hard to watch as parents also...
I like the newness of a fresh start in a new year too. I think back to how it seems like it was just 2000 and we were told to store water, etc. as we did not know what would come from this big switch...and here we are ...2012. Holy cow!!! Joel keeps saying this is going to be a GOOD year and I am chiming in!! Wishing you a great 2012 with lots of energy, health and healing for the family.

Anonymous said...

I try to keep resolutions simple - mostly it's to continue whatever I did well the previous year! I try not to add anything new as it's about all I can manage just to keep up with what I'm already doing! :-)

Sorry to hear the boys are sick. My youngest spent the first 8 years of his life sick at Christmas from something or another.

Sue Jackson said...

Renee -

I know...doesn't 2012 sound like something from a sci fi movie??

I agree with Joel - this is going to be a good year!

Sherlock -

Simple is good! I have a tendency to over-commit (that's an understatement), but at this time of year I just feel so optimistic!