Monday, March 26, 2012

Movie Monday 3/26

Whew...another rollercoaster week here!  First, the good news: Jamie has been steadily improving after months of being severely debilitated.  He went to 1-3 classes a day 3 days last week, had his two best friends over this weekend for the first time in months, and even made it to school for a full day today, including making up a test.  Of course, we are immensely happy about this.  It is so good to see him feeling more like himself again.  Friday after school, he even took the car out (again, first time in months), picked up a friend, and went out for a few hours.  He came home grinning from ear to ear. 

On the down side, now that we finally have Jamie up on his feet again, Craig injured his knee yesterday, and it looks pretty serious.  My husband spent 3 hours in the ER at the children's hospital with him last night, but they weren't able to tell us much - just that nothing seems to be broken.  Ortho couldn't fit him in until tomorrow, so he spent today resting it and icing it, but he still can't put any weight on it.  Craig's mild CFS is completely under control with Florinef (he's pretty much symptom-free), so he's not used to lying around.  In fact, he is insanely active, and just one day on the couch already has him stir crazy!  Worse of all, soccer season starts today, and he was really looking forward to "playing up" on the high school team with Jamie (not that Jamie will be able to play much, but he's been on this same team since he was 4).  So, we are waiting to find out how bad it is.

Anyway, I missed Movie Monday last week, so here are a few we have watched in the last two weeks:
  • Jamie, Ken, and I watched The Ides of March last weekend.  It was quite good, as expected, with  George Clooney starring as a presidential candidate, with Philip Seymour Hoffman as his campaign manager, and Ryan Gosling playing the idealistic deputy campaign manager who discovers a flaw in his revered candidate. It's all about betrayal and paints a pretty dismal picture of politics!  So, a bit depressing but very well done.
  • Last Monday, we all watched Hugo together.  Hugo is based on Brian Selnick's award-winning middle-grade novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret (I hadn't read the novel, though).  It is a wonderful, magical story about an orphan who lives in a Paris train station where he maintains all the clocks while trying to fix a mechanical man that his father was working on.  Great fun for everyone, not just kids!
  • When Craig went to his school dance Friday night, Ken, Jamie and I watched In Time, a dystopian sci fi movie with lots of action.  It takes place in a future where time has become currency.  People stop aging at 25; from then on, they must earn more time in order to stay alive.  Wealthy people can lives for centuries and never age, but poor people live day to day and moment to moment, constantly watching the time tick down on the electronic read-out on their arms.  The movie stars Justin Timberlake as a 28-year old living in the slums, and Amanda Seyfried stars as the daughter of a wealthy man in "New Grenwich." We all enjoyed it very much - lots of action and suspense.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Elaine said...

Hope and pray things are still going well for Jamie. What a wonderful time for him! My prayer are with Craig and his knee. Hope they find some answers today!!

We haven't watched any movies lately.....



Anonymous said...

Not to be controversial or anything (yeah, right!) "Game Change" on HBO about Sarah Palin totally rocked. I'm sure it's rentable. It was fair to Palin--just honest, and it was an excellent look into what goes on behind the scenes at election time. Can't say enough good things about that amazing movie!

As always, I hold you guys in my healing thoughts, Sue.