Monday, April 02, 2012

Movie Monday 4/2

What a week.  Jamie made it into school a few times, so that was good.  But Craig is still on crutches for his injured knee (we are still waiting for the results of his MRI) and has been missing quite a bit of school.  Getting around on crutches is just wiping him out.  It's kind of interesting because he's been doing so well on Florinef the past few years that he rarely crashes after exertion - even after sleepovers or 2 hours playing soccer.  But walking on crutches is completing doing him in.  He woke up this morning exhausted and fell back to sleep in the recliner again.  He's been there all day which is so unlike him.

Anyway, we didn't watch a lot of movies this week - mostly catching up on our favorite TV shows:  Bones (we are finally up to the current season!), In Plain Sight (Ken and I are up to season 2 and rushing to get through the entire season because it is overdue at the library!), and The Mentalist.  We watched just one movie:
  • Our kids had never seen Cast Away all the way through, so we borrowed the DVD from friends.  It is such an amazing movie!!  Tom Hanks is incredible - on the screen alone for over 2 hours, and it never gets boring.  The kids loved Wilson.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Renee said...

I agree with you on the movie Cast it except for the plane going in the water part! Tom Hanks is great thats for sure. Sorry to hear about Craig..hope he knows something soon..good news on Jamie!

Sue Jackson said...

Agreed, Renee! The plane crash is horrible!

upnorth said...

Really great about Jamie, but if it's not one it's tother it seems. Hope Craig regains some energy too. I was so close to getting a trial of florinef but my specialist nixed it this appointment due to my recent diagnosis of ulcers (apparently florinef can have a side effect of ulcers). I hope you are able to rest with all the business lately.

upnorth said...

p.s. I LOVE BONES!!!