Monday, January 07, 2013

Movie Monday 1/7

We had a busy week, traveling back from Oklahoma and getting back into our normal routine. So not a lot of time for movies, though we fit in two:

On New Year's Eve, at my father-in-law's house, we watched Deck the Halls, a silly holiday comedy. My FIL has trouble following complicated movies, so we were trying to find something he'd enjoy (a tall order!). The movie stars Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito as neighbors who get wrapped up in a feud over DeVito's giant light display. It was just silly, seasonal fun, fairly predictable and very light but a pleasant way to pass the evening until it was time to watch the ball drop.

This weekend, back at home (and recovering!), Ken and I shared an old favorite with the boys, A Fish Called Wanda. Anyone remember this one from the 80's? It's a caper comedy, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and John Cleese (we convinced them to give it a try by invoking Monty Python!). It's about four people who plot a bank robbery together and then every one of them tries to double-cross the others...and, of course, hilarity ensues! It is fast-paced, crazy fun with lots of laughs. Much of it is silly - this is not highbrow, subtle humor - but it's a lot of fun. We all enjoyed it.

That was it for movies, but we tried two new TV shows this week - Arrow and Firefly (which I got for my husband for Christmas, thanks to recommendations from YOU). We are enjoying them both, along with episodes of Modern Family (another DVD gift from Christmas), Elementary, and NCIS-LA.

Have you seen any good movies or TV shows lately?

(If you are also interested in what we are reading this week, check out the Monday post on my book blog.)

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