Monday, February 03, 2014

Movie Monday 2/3

Another very busy, somewhat overwhelming week. Son #1 is still home from college for winter break - had a few good days last week and then crashed badly again. Son #2 was home for a few more days recovering from his recent knee surgery, then returned to school - he is doing great! We needed a win.

Anyway, before the flurry of Superbowl excitement (and actually flurries today), we took some time out on Saturday night to enjoy a DVD together:

We watched True Lies, a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from 1994. My husband had seen it before and thought the kids would like it - he pitched it as an action movie with plenty of humor. He was right, and it was entertaining. The big man plays a spy in a top-secret government agency (their motto is "The Last Line of Defense"), but his wife, played wonderfully by Jamie Lee Curtis, thinks he is a boring salesman. Curtis' character is the classic ugly-duckling housewife - conservative hairdo, big glasses, staid outfits. She works as a legal secretary while her husband is off saving the world in secret. Of course, it all blows up (figuratively and literally) in farcical ways! There was a lot of gunfire, plus car chases and explosions, but the film is a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed all the action, and we all enjoyed the humor.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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