Thursday, September 17, 2015

Latest ProHealth Article: Finding Community

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately - I am STILL badly crashed. It's been three weeks today, and I am still confined to the couch with no energy. The tightness in my chest has finally eased the last two days, so I am hoping that is a good sign, though I am still exhausted.

So, I have been engaging in what I call Aggressive Rest - not just lying on the couch while still trying to get stuff done but putting down the laptop, not attempting any work or writing, and REALLY resting. So, my days have been filled with reading in my lounge chair on the deck, napping, meditating, and watching a lot of TV and old movies.

While I am aggressively resting, I thought you could enjoy my latest article up at the ProHealth website: Birds of a Feather: The Joys of Community, all about finding and enjoying a sense of community, both locally and online.

It's fitting that this article was published last week because my virtual community of fellow ME/CFS patients has been essential to me these past few weeks. I haven't left the house, except for 2 visits to the doctor, and until yesterday, my throat hurt too much to talk on the phone. The only people I've seen in weeks are my husband and sons. I've even been avoiding chatting much on Facebook with my In Real Life friends & family because I know it makes most people feel uncomfortable to hear about chronic illness.

Instead, during my brief times online, I have been enjoying Twitter (@livewithmecfs) - I can manage 140 characters at a time! - and my Facebook page for this blog. In those places, I can talk about how I'm feeling and joke and laugh about watching silly 80's movies or old episodes of Glee (my comfort TV!) without feeling self-conscious. I know that other people with ME/CFS will immediately understand - that they are likely going through the same stuff (or have before).

So, I hope you enjoy the article and that it inspires you to find your own people, your own community. It adds so much meaning to our lives to connect with others like ourselves! And if you don't have your own community yet, join the discussions here on the blog, on Twitter, or on my Facebook page - we get you.


Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sue, I am also nurturing myself at this time for the same reason. Your blog is such a great source of information. The topics you discuss are relevant to CFS, and I always look forward to reading your next blog.

Sue Jackson said...

Thank you for much, Barbara, for the kind words. They came at the perfect time. I was just wondering if anyone was reading my blog when your comment came in! ha ha Probably the result of my being so lonely and isolated these past few weeks.

Sorry to hear you have been down, too - hang in there and keep being kind to yourself. You're not alone!


Unknown said...

Right back at you, Sue!

Unknown said...

Hello Sue,

I am listening to a Glenn Harrold app on healing and thought of you. I find his message very inspirational and great to listen to when I am experiencing a crash period. Best of luck!


Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Aw, I hope you're feeling better soon. Community with like minded people is so important during times like these when you're feeling badly. Glad you can find some support online. Get well and hope you're aggressive resting is working! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board.

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks for the tip, Barbara! I will check him out. Doing a little better today - I think I needed that 2nd round of antibiotics. Hope you are on the way up, too!

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks, Tanya - you're part of that online support, you know! Have you noticed how chatty I've been this past month?? lol Not seeing anyone but my husband and son so I need to exercise my extrovert somehow! Bit better today so hopefully on my way back.