Sunday, December 24, 2017

New ProHealth Article: What Makes You Forget? Finding Joy

Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately - just the usual holiday rush here. I have been so overloaded preparing for the holidays - and enjoying some early holiday outings with friends and family - that I've had no energy left over for blogging or even Facebook or e-mail. I had over 400 unread e-mails piled up yesterday! (I am about halfway through those). Today, I need to finish wrapping gifts (these last ones are for my husband so he can't help) and refill our weekly medicine boxes...then we can enjoy our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions.

I know this is a rough time of year for many, so the timing of my latest article on the ProHealth website is just right. It's called What Makes You Forget? and is about those rare moments when - perhaps just for a minute or two - you forget you are sick and just live in the moment. It might happen when you are with a certain friend or when you get immersed in a great book or laugh like crazy at a favorite movie. You can read the full article at that link (and I will post the full text here in a month).

Use the tips in the article to notice those moments that make you forget so that you can have more of them in your life. I hope that your holiday season is filled with plenty of moments of joy.

I'll be back to regular blogging after the holidays. In the meantime, here are a few pics of our early holiday prep and celebrations.

Enjoy the holidays in whatever ways bring you joy!

At the tree farm with my sons - when did they get so tall?

Two reindeer at the tree farm - feeding time!

Our sons - decorating the tree together is one of our favorite traditions

Our finished tree

Dinner out at a Brazilian Steakhouse - a new experience for us!

Watching Star Wars in our new recliner theater - the best!

Beautiful winter sunset

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