Thursday, April 26, 2018

Two Surveys - Help ME/CFS Research from Home!

There are two online surveys for ME/CFS patients currently open for participation - this is a great way for even those who are homebound to help move ME/CFS research forward - even from your bed!

The first is sponsored by the excellent Massachusetts CFIDS/ME and FM Association and is a VERY brief survey on patient experience with commercial medical insurance companies - it is just a few questions (with room for explanation, if you like) and literally took me less than 5 minutes to complete.

The renowned Leonard Jason at DePaul University has already contributed a lot to knowledge of ME/CFS through his studies, and is now conducting one on Abnormal Response to Physical and/or Cognitive Exertion in ME and CFS Patients.  This is a longer and more in-depth survey, but Dr. Jason understands our limits and has designed it so that you can work on a bit at a time and save it to finish later.

You can do your part, right from your own couch or bed. Check out those two surveys today to help keep ME/CFS research moving forward!

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