Thursday, October 25, 2018

TRIPLE Your Donation for ME/CFS Research Through 11/27

Exciting news! You have a chance to TRIPLE your donation to Open Medicine Foundation, now through Giving Tuesday on November 27, 2018. Two anonymous donors have stepped up to make this offer so that every donation that is made between now and then will be matched and tripled. That means if you donate $10, that automatically becomes $30, and $100 becomes $300. Every little bit always counts, but now you can make it count even more!

I just donated through Paypal, which took less than 2 minutes, to take advantage of the tripling, even though I am also signed up for $5 monthly donations all year round.

Open Medicine Foundation is doing some amazing work and has already moved research forward in ME/CFS, which was sorely needed. They are part of two large collaborative research centers, at Harvard and Stanford, run the End ME/CFS Project, and are funding many other exciting research projects.

Donate now before you forget!

And please help to spread the word!

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