Sunday, April 19, 2020

Weekly Inspiration: Some Good News During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, and our lives got even more strange and anxiety-riddled, I have shared several posts to help:
  • Coronavirus and ME/CFS - some basics, theories about how those with ME/CFS might react to the virus, and treatments to try now to improve your immune system and later, if you are exposed.
  • Info and Resources on COVID-19 and ME/CFS - all the up-to-date details you need, from the top experts in ME/CFS, as the pandemic grows.
  • Coping in a Crisis - the emotional support side of all this, including inspiration, dealing with stress, compassion, and even some recommendations for uplifting or funny books, movies, and TV shows.
So, with all of that serious preparation available, today, I'd like to turn to something that is guaranteed to make you laugh, tear up (in a happy way), and smile until your face hurts!

John Krasinski (who famously played Jim on The Office and directed and starred in The Quiet Place) has launched a new, homemade show on YouTube called Some Good News (SGN). It features John "reporting" from home (with a sign made by his daughters) about all the good things that are happening in the world today--people reaching out to others, entertaining themselves and others, kindness, humor, and more. He has four episodes out so far, and they are AMAZING! He often has special guest stars on video chat (including his The Office co-star Steve Carell) and highlights regular people making a difference, doing wonderful things, and making us laugh.

Here's episode 1:

And you can not miss Episode 2 - I promise you, it is really special and will leave you grinning from ear to ear (especially if you are a Hamilton fan)!

We haven't watched episode 4 yet, but I see that it includes a virtual prom for high schoolers missing out this spring - should be a good one!

And if you are more in the mood for just plain funny silliness, then check out the Family Lockdown Boogie, which is hilarious! (and really well-made) (I asked our son if we would be making a family dance video soon--I'm guessing from the look on his face, the answer is no!) But this family is having a blast:

What have you found during this crisis that has helped to lift your spirits, make you laugh, or left you smiling?

Everyone stay safe and healthy ... and keep smiling!

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