Sunday, September 13, 2020

Weekly Inspiration: Brené Brown and The Power of Vulnerability

I am quite possibly the last person on earth to finally discover Brené Brown, but just in case I'm not, I wanted to share her wonderful (and famous) TED Talk on vulnerability.

I saw Brené Brown on the Today show this week. They have been doing a series on inspiration (much like my weekly posts), featuring different experts, to help people deal with all that's going on in the world this year, and she was the featured guest one day. Of course, I have heard of her and know some people (including Oprah) love her, but I had no idea what her message was or what she was all about.

So, this morning, I joined the bandwagon and watched her TED talk that has almost 50 million views, The Power of Vulnerability. This is the video that kicked off her inspirational/self-help empire:

I can see why she's so popular! Besides being warm, engaging, and funny, her message really hit home for me. She talks about connections/relationships and how they give purpose and meaning to our lives--I agree completely!

She also talks about her research into what makes people feel worthy. Her results showed that people who feel worthy have:
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Authenticity
  • Vulnerability 
... which led her to research vulnerability, which also means uncertainty. She showcases her own vulnerability by admitting that she has issues with control (which is the opposite of uncertainty). Her thoughts on the concept that life is messy were hilarious! I could definitely relate. Though chronic illness has forced me to give up some control, it's still a constant struggle for me.

So, check out her short video and see for yourself! Her ending message about what leads to vulnerability (and hence, to worthiness and happiness) is compassionate, kind, and supportive. It's a message we could all benefit from. I'm glad I finally found out who Brené Brown is and what she's all about. I look forward to hearing more from her!

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