Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Weekly Inspiration: A Plan B Day

One of the chapters in my book, Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness, in the section on Daily Living, is called "A Plan B Day." It describes a simple premise that really changed my life and allowed me to stop fighting against my illness's whims and listen to my body. I recorded a short video yesterday to explain the concept, with some simple steps to follow for those days when you wake up with plans but a body that is in can't-do mode:


(Or you can watch it on YouTube here, where you can also Like and comment on the video, plus subscribe to my channel for more videos).

And then ... I woke up today with a list of errands I planned to take care of ... and feeling completely wiped out!

As usual, I started out thinking, "but I have to ...," but then I realized I should take my own advice! I thought about each of the stops I planned to make and decided I could put it all off until Friday (Thursday I have a dentist appointment). I went downstairs for breakfast, told my husband it was a Plan B Day (he knows what that means!), and he said he could grab a few urgent items from the store this afternoon. With my Plan B in place, I settled into the couch, with my super-soft comfy blanket, rested all day, and listened to my body. Hey, it really works!

Check out the video and then tell me about YOUR experiences with days when your body just won't cooperate with your plans and if you've tried making a Plan B (or whatever your own process is!).

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