Sunday, August 29, 2021

Weekly Inspiration: You're Right Where You Need to Be

Whew, it's been a rough couple of weeks for me. My stamina and energy have just been super-low, with a couple of bad crash days. At the same time, stress and exertion is at an all-time high, as my husband and I work to make arrangements for his 96-year-old father to move to assisted living (he is currently in independent living but needs help every day, so my husband's been running back and forth). The past two weeks were full of facility visits, arranging movers, making doctor's appointments, filling out and scanning dozens of pages of forms, and yesterday, finally telling him and taking him to visit the place we chose (he has dementia, so we didn't want to get him anxious too far ahead of time). This week, he has three doctor's appointments and a nurse's visit, which means driving 20 min to his place, driving to the doctor's, helping him with the visit, driving him home, and finally getting myself back home. Gonna be another tough one!

I think you can see why I chose the topic I did for my video this week! I picked another chapter from my book, You're Right Where You Need to Be. It's all about accepting where you are right now, today, at this moment, listening to your body, living in the present, and understanding that things may change tomorrow. That helpful phrase comes from an inspirational memoir written by a friend of mine, Seven: In the Lane of Hope by Michael Marini.

You can watch the brief video here, and visit my chronic illness video playlist here, or my entire YouTube channel here (which also includes book/reading-related videos).

Watch the video here

Re-reading this chapter really helped me during these difficult recent weeks, and I hope you will find it inspirational and helpful, too!

Is there a word or phrase that helps to remind YOU to rest and listen to your body? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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