Sunday, October 17, 2021

Weekly Inspiration: Rejuvenating Time Outdoors

Hi, all! The blog has been quiet this week because my laptop is at Apple being repaired - AGAIN! For the second time in a year and a half, the display/screen died. Apple products are normally pretty reliable, but I think I got a lemon this time!

So, I am limping along on a 15-year-old MacBook (which, by the way, is still in excellent shape!), using ancient browser software that won't even let me access the YouTube site! So, I am limited, to say the least.

The timing is good, though, because we are heading out today for a much-needed break, a short camping trip to a local park. That means being off-grid for me anyway! And hopefully, when I return, there'll be a message from Apple telling me by laptop is ready to be picked up.

In the meantime, with limited resources (and time), I will share some posts I've previously published on the topic that is foremost in my mind today: spending rejuvenating time outdoors. I wrote exactly what I am thinking about today in this Weekly Inspiration post about a year ago, Outdoor Living. In fact, we had just returned from camping at this same park and in the exact same site we will be on this week! So check out the post, loaded with helpful tips and gorgeous outdoor photos (just looking at photos of nature has been proven to provide mental and physical health benefits!).

Our favorite water-view campsite!

The scientific studies proving that are explained in my article, The Restorative Power of Nature, which is reprinted in full in the linked post. That article also includes ideas on how you can enjoy nature, even if you are homebound or bedridden!

I also made a video on the Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors, but as I said, I can't access YouTube right now to give you a direct link or include the video here. If you are interested, you can visit my YouTube channel, click on Playlists and then the Chronic Illness Playlist, and you'll find all of my chronic illness videos, including Get Out! about how to spend time outdoors or benefit from nature, regardless of your limitations.


So, we're packing up the camper and heading out after my nap! I hope you find a way to enjoy the benefits of nature this week, too!

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