Monday, April 11, 2022

Movie Monday: The Adam Project

Time travel and meeting up with your younger self? I'm in! When I heard about the plot of the new Netflix movie The Adam Project, I knew it was right up my alley and was even more excited to watch it after hearing some good reviews. My husband and I enjoyed this fun sci fi adventure that is also surprisingly heartwarming.

Ryan Reynolds plays Adam, a high-tech time travel pilot in 2050. His own dad, played by Mark Ruffalo, invented the technology that made time travel possible, but now it's fallen into the hands of unscrupulous leaders. In an attempt to go back in time and save his wife, Laura, played by Zoe Saldana, Adam ends up crash landing in 2022 near his childhood home. Wounded himself, and with his aircraft damaged, he seeks help from his 12-year-old self, played by Walker Scobell. Of course, his enemies track him there, and what follows is a fast-paced, high-tech chase through the present day with futuristic weapons. Big Adam is trying to save his wife, save the world, and keep his young self safe as well. The two Adams head back further in time to seek out their father (who's dead in 2022). There are lots of space-age chase scenes and lots of explosions, as the two Adams race against time (quite literally) to save themselves and the world.

This unusual multi-generational sci fi film has everything I love about time travel stories: twisty plots, paradoxes that make you think, and here, even reuniting with long-lost loved ones ... and your child self! It's all very cool and very twisty. The acting here is excellent all around, with an all-star cast, and newcomer Walker Scoville fits in perfectly. The Adam Project is a bit too heavy on explosions, chase scenes, and high-tech fights for my personal taste, but it is all balanced by humor and a whole lot of heart for an overall package that I loved. It's a very entertaining movie, with typical Reynolds' witty banter (times two) plus all that action, but what I liked best was the time travel stuff and the family reunions. My husband and I both enjoyed this fun, fast-paced, warm movie that left us both smiling.

The Adam Project is a Netflix original movie, so it is available exclusively on Netflix.

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