Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Chronic Illness Vlog 11/21/22 - Trying Treatment Changes

Not much time this week. We're rushing to get ready for a trip to my hometown (Rochester, NY) for Thanksgiving. I'm not in great shape, but I'm not in awful shape, either. I made a change today that I hope will help me get through the long holiday weekend!

And that's a lot of what last week's Chronic Illness Vlog is about - making changes in my treatments. Happily, the result, as you'll see here, is that I am finally feeling better and able to do more. You can watch the latest vlog on Youtube or below:

I'm a bit anxious about the trip and how I've been feeling, but I'll feel better once we are out the door and on the road tomorrow (about a 7-hour drive). I'm already very happy to have our older son home with us and looking forward to spending several days with all of us together. I'm also looking forward to seeing some extended family, though I'm nervous about COVID, and social gatherings exhaust me.

Hope that all my U.S. readers enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And please tell me about YOUR week in the comments!

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