Friday, November 11, 2022

Outdoor Nature Vlog & Good News!

The good news is that I finally seem to have come out of this months-long relapse that has trapped me on the couch since August! I made one medication change three weeks ago and two more last week, and I felt really good most of this week. I am pretty much back to my normal baseline, though my stamina is low after not doing anything for months. But I took my first walk in over 3 months this week, with no crash afterward! It's been a complicated situation, so I will write a longer blog post next week, explaining what helped me.

Best of all, we finally got our camper back from the repair shop (it had been hit in a traffic accident), just in time to take advantage of the last warm weather of the year. We went camping for two days to Trap Pond State Park in southern Delaware, and I was even able to manage kayaking. Trap Pond is the site of the northernmost-occurring natural grove of cypress trees, which are beautiful. The weather was great, and the natural beauty was stunning. We could see the lake/pond right from our camper.

So, this week, my usual vlog was a whole lot more fun! It's mostly video clips and photos of our camping trip and the gorgeous natural world around us. There's a little bit at the end about the books I'm reading, too. Studies show that just looking at pictures of nature improves both physical and mental health, so I hope you enjoy coming along on our trip! You can watch the video on YouTube or here below:

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