Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Chronic Illness Vlog: Ups & Downs and Lots of Nature!

I posted a new chronic illness vlog last week but forgot to share it here. This was recorded at the end of February and first week of March.

It was a week of mild ups and downs, with no bad crash days--those are once again becoming rare, thank goodness. I spent some time with my older son, who is now 28 and has had chronic illnesses since age 10, so there are some thoughts on parenting a sick kid. And this vlog includes lots of peaceful, calming video of nature, since I was able to take several walks that week (my stamina is also improving!).

I'm recording another vlog this week that I will post next week. And this past weekend, my husband and I enjoyed a long-overdue weekend getaway to a rental cottage about an hour away located right on the water, with gorgeous views. I'll include some photos and videos of that, too.

How are YOU doing?

What was last week like for you?

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