Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Quick Chronic Illness Vlog: Great News x 2! Plus Nature.

I didn't record a chronic illness vlog last week, with video clips from my entire week, but on Monday (yesterday), I decided to record a brief video to share some good news!

I think (don't jinx it!) that I am finally back to my "normal" baseline after the terrible (worst in 20 years) relapse that began last September (what caused it and what helped at the link). Here, I talk (and include some photos and video) about a hike this weekend that I managed without crashing.

Even bigger news and a huge milestone for our family ... our oldest son started his first full-time job in his professional career on Monday! He's been sick with ME/CFS and three tick infections for 18 years, since age 10, so this is an enormous step forward for him toward a normal adult life.

You can hear the good news and details for yourself in this quick vlog that also includes some photos and video clips of a beautiful day walking along a local stream - remember that just looking at nature has mental and physical health benefits!

The details of how we each improved to our current level of functioning are all here on my blog - the Treatments tab is a good place to start. I also included more links at the bottom of the video page on YouTube (click Show More below the video).

How are YOU doing?

What was last week like for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for so graciously sharing your knowledge & your life! I only wish I’d found you years ago. Congratulations on your son’s job, and for feeling well enough for that lovely hike! ~ Linda F., ME/CFS for 14 years.

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks for the kind words, Linda!

You can read about the treatments that have helped us most in the Treatments tab at the top of the blog. Please let me know if you have any questions!