Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Chronic Illness Vlog: Crash! A Mostly Horizontal Week

My latest chronic illness vlog is now available. I record these vlogs over the course of a full week, to show an honest view of my life with chronic illnesses, including ME/CFS and Lyme disease. Last week (and continuing this week!), I've been struggling with a "mystery crash," a sudden worsening of my symptoms, especially flu-like aches. The aches are an immune sign that tells me my immune system is over-reacting to ... something. You can hear in the vlog as I consider various possibilities throughout the week. My best guess now is that perhaps yeast overgrowth/candida has flared up again, as it did this summer. 

You can watch the video on YouTube or here:

As an update, I did get the stronger antifungals from my doctor and started them yesterday, but I am still achy and horizontal. Fingers crossed I feel better for our Thanksgiving trip next week to visit family. 

Here are some of the topics and treatments I mentioned or referred to in the video (all of these links are also below the video on YouTube).


How are YOU doing? How was your week?

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