Friday, May 17, 2024

Chronic Illness Vlog: Bump in the Road But Still Doing Well!

Life has been hectic lately, but I did manage to record a vlog last week. My chronic illness vlogs are a little peek into my life with ME/CFS, an honest view of what my life with chronic illness is like on a typical week (though it hasn't been typical lately, with all the travel!). As you'll see in the vlog, I am still crash-free in 2024 (yay!), but I had a string of days last week when I was feeling run-down and had very low energy. I figured it out (yeast again - duh), and getting stricter on my diet helped me get back on track.

You can watch the video on YouTube (the link to YouTube also includes all of my notes below the video, with links to other information you might find helpful that I referenced) or I will include it here below:


 As always, I've also incorporated some nature videos into the vlog for your peace and enjoyment.

Our son (the one with ME/CFS for 20 years) and his girlfriend have been here all week and are currently packing their rental truck. They leave early tomorrow morning on a month-long road trip across the US! They've been planning this for years, and we're so excited for them. We'll be guinea pig sitting while they're gone, and then they both start new jobs when they return in June--exciting times!

How was YOUR week?
How are you doing?

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