Friday, August 07, 2009

Update on Genetic Study

Just a quick update to let you know that the CFS genetic study that I wrote about earlier this week is still actively recruiting participants and all of the information I posted earlier is correct. One person had trouble when she called, but I have double-checked with the research assistant, and she has no idea why that was. In any case, the phone number and e-mail posted earlier are correct, and they need more participants. If you have any trouble with that contact information, you can also try e-mailing Caitlin Smith at She's the research assistant for the study and also the person who answers the phone.


  1. That's so odd. I was told it was closed.

  2. Thanks Sue…

    I may try to do it!

    Best, Martine

  3. Anne -

    You're not the only one - another reader was told the study was closed last week, too. Caitlin has no idea how this occurred - she's stumped - but she assures me they're still recruiting patients. Try her direct e-mail, as listed in this post.