Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tired Tuesday

Jamie and I were both badly crashed today - him from soccer and his Homecoming dance (that's him on the right with his friends) and me from the conference Sunday.  I also have my period this week which always causes a bad CFS flare-up, plus killer headaches.  We tried to just rest and recover today, but we're both still feeling crappy.

I'm feeling pretty bummed.  Ken just picked Craig up from soccer practice, ran in and ate dinner in 20 minutes (thank you, Trader Joe's!), then ran out the door again for Craig's middle school open house.  I hate that I'm missing it.

I'm so sick of missing out on things!  I'm sick of my family missing out on things because of me.  I'm sick of Ken having to do everything.  I'm sick of always feeling sick!!!

I hate this stupid illness - it sucks!!

Thanks for letting me vent...


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    The good news is that the older the kids get, the less regrets you get to have because the less stuff you will have to miss. In other words, older teens just pretty much live their lives independently of you! I have far less to feel guilty about now; you know, missing out on doing things because of the dd!

    Oh, I love TJ's. Have you discovered their Crunchy Curls yet?! They are made from lentils and potatoes and are high in fiber, and they have protein in them too! And dipped in TJ's jalapeno hummus?! ohhhh... addicting! Perfect for a snack OR lunch! Uh, but for me putting five drops of liquid Beano under my tongue is a must before eating the hummus!

    Feel better soon, Sue.
    Your son is very handsome!


  2. Thanks, Judy. The Crunchy Curls sound good - I'll have to check those out. I love hummus but it has upset my stomach since I got CFS - I'll have to try Bean-O with it - thanks!

  3. I couldn't have said it better. It does suck...royally!

    I hope you feel better soon. I, too, am crashed. I knew it would com eventually!

  4. Sucks pond scum!!!!

  5. Hang in! By the time you read this you are probably feeling a bit better. Yes, it does suck! And it's not fair. Periods can make you feel really rough, even if you're healthy. You need calories and TLC. Awesome rant by the way :-)

  6. Anonymous7:16 AM

    It is easier as the kids get older. They seem to accept and adapt better. They also help out a lot whether they live at home or away from home. It's hard though at any age to miss out on stuff. Feel better soon!

  7. Thanks so much, everyone - I knew I could count on you guys to understand!!

    And thanks for admiring my rant, Jo :)

  8. Great rant, Sue. I'm behind on my blogs so I hope you'll be feeling much better by the time you read this. CFS sucks. Yup.

  9. I hate missing out on everything. It does suck. And I'm glad you feel like you can vent on your blog. It helps M.Eers like me realize I'm not alone with these feelings of missing out...

  10. Anonymous3:19 PM

    CFS + period = double suck!!

  11. Martine10:35 PM

    That's venting? You should hear me vent Brooklyn-style Sue! Feel better…the mantra!