Monday, October 25, 2010

Norwegian Study Finds XMRV in 62% of CFS/ME Patients Tested

Great news!  A new XMRV study was just published in Norway, confirming similar results to the original XMRV study done at WPI.  Here's an article explaining the findings:

Dr. Mette Johnsgaard of The Lillestrom Health Clinic tested 24 patients and 3 healthy controls for XMRV using the culture test and found that 14 were positive.

Of the negative tests, 11 were then retested with serology tests and 5 more positive results were found, bringing the total to 19 of 27. One of the positive serology samples was from a healthy control.

*The Lillestrom Health Clinic has now tested 80 patients and 50 are positive by either culture or serology test =96 a total of 62%.* This is very close to the 67% of positive patient results reported by Mikovits, Lombardi, et al., in* Science *in Oct. 2009.

The tests were done in cooperation with VIPdx labs in the USA.

More information about these results will be given on the 28th of November in Oslo at the XMRV/MLV seminar with Dr. Judy Mikovits. Details of the seminar can been seen here:  Register by writing to:

The Lillestrom Health Clinic is currently cooperating with many international ME experts in order to share knowledge about testing, treatment and research. Dr. Johnsgaard is also cooperating with
international experts who specialize in infectious diseases (Borna virus), retrovirology and biotoxic illnesses (Shoemaker), a probable secondary phenomenon in ME.

*In November 2010, the clinic will launch a large international research project on Human Gammaretrovirus and ME. *

In Aug. 2010, Dr. Johnsgaard was interviewed by NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting) where she confirmed the two first positive XMRV patients in Norway. With that interview Dr. Johnsgaard opened the public debate about ME and XMRV in the Norwegian medical and political environment. The same day, Norwegian politicians and doctors reacted positively in a follow-up interview on NRK (see links below)

Virusfunn gir nytt h=E5p for ME-pasienter:

Another link with health minister Laila D=E5v=F8y - Regjeringen b=F8r gj=F8=re mer for ME-pasienter :

Lillestrom Helseklinikken is situated just outside of Oslo, Norway and specializes in the treatment of ME and other chronic diseases. They have recently begun treating patients from outside of Scandinavia.  
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Sue again...just wanted to point out that the methods used in this study are those that Dr. Mikovitz was explaining in her presentation at the NJ Conference last week:  culture tests and using multiple methods to find all of the XMRV in all of the samples.


Luke S said...

Was this study published? I have seen the discussion on board but it is unclear if it has been published.

Sue Jackson said...

Not sure, Luke - the only links are in Norwegian, so I couldn't read the full text!