Friday, July 14, 2006

Remember Who's Boss

The Boss? CFIDS, of course. I feel strongly about being myself and living my life, but I've learned again and again that I must stay within the limits defined by this disease or I'll end up unable to do anything at all. It's ironic, really. The only way to maintain any degree of freedom in your life with CFIDS is to live in a very careful way, always being ultra-aware of symptoms, activity level, and limits.

I got cocky this week and forgot that basic lesson. My energy and stamina have seemed a bit improved the last month or so, and I let down my guard, allowed myself to be less vigilant.

I've been running around like mad all week - grocery shopping, kids' orthodontic appointments, bank, post office, etc. I've also been cooking (and cleaning up) three meals every day. Even breakfast and lunch have been more elaborate than usual, as I've been trying to make some special things to help Jamie get through his two-week trial without dairy. It all caught up with me yesterday, but, even then, I ignored the signs (mild sore throat, exhaustion, sleep problems) and kept going.

By bedtime last night, I realized I had pushed too far, and this morning, I made sure to pay close attention to how I felt, instead of ignoring it. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. Today is a day off. No to-do list. No errands. OK, I did make French Toast for the kids and their friend who slept over, but I've spent the rest of the morning propped back in the recliner, reading the paper, using the laptop (a bit), and even zoning out with a little TV (Food Network - yum!).

Sometimes, you have to get back to, feet up, lots of fluids. My boys will be pooped out from their sleep-over, so we'll all take naps this afternoon and take it easy. Slow and easy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog, very nice of you!

Hope you have a nice couple of days with your feet up.

take care