Saturday, May 17, 2008

CFS In the Local News!

Last night, I was flipping through our little town weekly newspaper. I got to the editorial page and was surprised to see the headline"CFS Misunderstood, Debilitating Disease" at the top of a long letter to the editor.

"Hey, this is great! Our newspaper printed something about CFIDS!" I said to my husband. Then I moved my eyes down the column and saw my own name at the end of it! I was completely perplexed because I hadn't written a letter to the paper, and I didn't even remember writing these particular words (that's brain fog, for you). Then, I realized it was one of the letters I'd sent through the CFIDS Association's Action Center earlier this week. That's why I didn't recognize the writing - the Association wrote most of it, except for the two paragraphs I added about how CFIDS affects us.

I was so excited that they printed the letter, in its entirety! It took up a third of the page and was set off in an outlined box. Isn't that cool? Plus, it was nice to learn I'm not completely losing my mind and forgetting what I wrote!

It's not too late - you can do the same. Using the action center only takes a few minutes, and it works. Maybe your local paper will print a letter, too.


Knittah said...

Great job, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Sue! The word needs to get out more!!