Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Better Day!

Well, I can't explain it, but I'm feeling better today than I have in a long while. Craig (who returned to school today!!) says that's because I saw my doctor - you know how when you finally go see your doctor, whatever was wrong isn't there anymore? ha ha

I drove to New Jersey to see my Lyme doctor today (I got Lyme in 2008 and have been on antibiotics for 18 months now). Not much to report. He agreed that my rotten January might be a herx reaction (I started a new Lyme medication, Plaquonil on January 2) or it might just be due to all the viral triggers out there, especially with my kids sick lately. He reassured me that the worst virus season is almost over and decided not to increase my dose of Plaqonil yet to give me a chance to feel better first. If it is the Plaquonil, then the herx is a good sign - that it's working and killing off more Lyme. Who knows?

I even made it through a Target shopping trip afterward (!). It's a 90-minute drive to see the Lyme doc, and there's a Target store right across the street (our Delaware Target is 25 minutes away so I don't get there much). We were out of everything, and I managed an hour-long visit. I left everything in the truck for Ken to unload tonight, but I'm still feeling OK. I even felt well enough to make dinner without a struggle for the first time in ages. Of course, I fully expect to pay for it tomorrow, but it felt good not to feel so bad for one day! Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend...

P.S. I've been pretty down lately, with all this couch time. I loved this list of 19 cheering up tips - written 200 years ago! - posted on The Happiness Project. Of course, #5 and #16 are beyond us, but the rest is surprisingly relevant!


Renee said...

Hi Sue
Glad to hear you are doing better and had such a good day. Hope the Plaquenil is working for seems to be working for Joel along with Zithromax.
What you wrote to me about OI makes sense. So does what Renee K wrote about adrenal fatigue...I am looking up info on both and sure have alot of the OI symptoms. In my eyes you know so much about CFIDS ~ so I am going to be drinknig salt water..which my dr. wanted me to do before and drinking alot more water and resting hard for the next 6 weeks as Toni advised...anyway, I wanted to come here and thank you for the info you shared with me I feel some peace with what you said and I need that with where I find myself.
God bless.
Sure hope tomorrow goes as well for you as today.

Toni said...

Hooray, Sue! And how nice for Ken that you've done some stocking up on things (even if he has to unload the car!). I'm so glad you're feeling better and I'm hopeful that it will last.

Dominique said...

Woo Hoo! A good day! Yeah! Let's break out the China! Isn't it funny that we get so excited about a 'good' day! LOL

I am glad that you feeling better...and that you got so much done!

I really hope there is very little payback tomorrow.

I didn't realize (or maybe I forgot) that you had Lyme disease. And Renee does too! (that I did know) Wow!

How long does one take the antibiotics and all the other meds?

Do your boys also have Lyme?

I really am glad you had a good day! Be Blessed!


Sue Jackson said...

Dominique -

I'm sort of unusual in this respect...lots of people have undiagnosed Lyme for years which caused their CFS. I've had CFS for 8 years but just got Lyme about 18 months ago. If you diagnose Lyme right away, you can often get rid of it completely with 6-8 weeks of antibiotics. I think I had it for maybe a month before I started treatment, but also, my CFS is making it more difficult to treat completely. If you want to know more about my recent experiences with Lyme, click on the Lyme category in the left-hand sidebar (or after this post) or type Lyme into the search box here.

Craig has never had Lyme, but Jamie has had it twice - it was possibly the trigger for his CFS initially (both times it was caught quickly and treated effectively - further abx treatment has had no effect for him). Lyme is practically an epidemic here in DE, but it occurs in every state and every country now. I think everyone with CFS should be thoroughly tested for Lyme and its co-infections because it shares so many common symptoms with CFS.


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Excellent news that you are feeling a bit better. Let's hope it's a trend. And thanks for the cheering up tips :-)

Lori P said...

Woo Hoo!!! So glad to hear you had a great day - and got so much done. Wow! I'll have to sign onto facebook to see how you're doing today. Hope you continue to feel better.

Pris said...

Wow! that's great. A long driving trip and Target afterwards, too. That's amazing, really. My longest drive is around 10 minutes , then I'm too confused, even with a Tom Tom navigator. Do you do okay with not getting disoriented on these drives?

Sue Jackson said...

Pris -

I am very, very fortunate to only have mild cognitive dysfunction - mostly word-finding difficulty (tough for a writer!) and some brain fog when I'm severely crashed. I'm lucky!


Never That Easy said...

Glad you had a good day! I totally agree with Craig - I almost always feel (at least a tiny bit) better when I have a doctor's appointment... the next day is a whole other story.