Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another Long Day

Ugh...I am totally wiped out this evening.  I had my visit with the Lyme doctor in New Jersey today - almost a 2-hour drive there and back, plus I did my routine stop at the Target across the street (spent an obscene amount of money stocking up on necessities).  Now I have a killer headache and seem to have hit a brick wall.

This is a really busy week for us, coming up (as opposed to this relaxing week we've just had!).  We have three Moms/Grandmas to buy for for Mother's Day - all of them out of state - plus my mom's  and Ken's dad's birthdays.  Tomorrow we head up to Connecticut for the annual Mother's Day/Mom's Birthday Weekend-Long Bash at my mom's house with my sister and her family.  Two of the gifts Ken and I planned to get for her haven't arrived in time, so we're scrambling a bit.

So, I'm at the point I arrive at before every trip...the point of scrapping the long list of things I wanted to do before I leave and saying, "OK, what absolutely MUST be done before we leave and what can I push off until we get back?"  Providing some information and resources on Lyme disease and its associated co-infections here on my blog (as I promised yesterday) got pushed until next week!

OK, I better get back to ordering gifts online...thank goodness for the internet!!


Dominique said...

Hope you get some energy back for your trip.

Just a note. I suggested one of my readers come by here and say hi. She lives on the East Coast (Connecticut I think) and was looking to meet someone close by who had CFIDS/FMS.

Anyway, I thought you all might hit it off and are in the same area...

Well, I hope you get all your necessities done and you have a great time.

Sue Jackson said...

Sounds great. Dominique! I look forward to talking with her - thanks.

But I do find it amusing that you describe us as "close by" when she lives in CT! That's the western view of the east coast - that we're all crammed in here together! When I first moved to Louisiana, I had so much trouble explaining to people that I was from western NY state, not NYC (in fact, I had never BEEN to NYC!).

Pretty pooped out today, but I can rest in the car later.


Renee said...

Have a great weekend Sue...Happy Mom's Day!

parenting ad absurdum said...

Oh, I hate that wall! Sending you lots of positive energy vibes. And Happy Mothers' Day!

Toni said...

Have a good trip, Sue. I'm glad you can rest in the car. Happy Mothers Day to one of the moms I admire the most!

David said...

The Amazon Prime program really helps with those last minute gift-giving needs, especially for those of us with CFS that have trouble shopping in stores. Free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the US! I make very good use of it. It's $80/year but I found out recently that you can split a membership with up to 4 other "family members" (with different mailing addresses), so that brought the cost down to $16/year. Very affordable!

SoothingtomyHeart said...

Hi Sue,
I think I may be the one that Dominique said she was sending your way. Actually I am in Pennsylvania. I made a comment on her blog about how fortunate that I am to have a doc that listens and how much I appreciate her putting herself "out there" everyday by blogging. She gave me a link to your site. I have FMS, Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue. I really enjoy visiting the blogs of folks that have some of the same issues. I actually am doing fairly well right now and considering going back to work. I have a very supportive husband and family but it's helpful to read about others on those days that aren't so good. You know? Sometimes it is good to hear about others who really know how frustrating this journey can be.