Friday, November 19, 2010

Laura Hillenbrand Today Show Video

Hurray!  The Today Show finally televised its interview with Laura Hillenbrand today (though there was still a lot of coverage of the royal engagement!).

The focus of the piece is on her new book, Unbroken, (as is appropriate), but they also emphasize Laura's illness and mention CFS by name!  True, the name is horrible, but interviews like this can help the public to understand how serious it really is.   You can watch the video of the interview online.

I can't wait to read her book!


Peggy said...

Thanks for posting this. I just finished watching and it brought tears to my eyes.

Sorry you are having stress over going on a family vacation.
I understand exactly and choose to opt out of a family vacation July of 2008 to Florida. I want to see you be able to go on yours and enjoy as much as you can. Even if you have to rest a lot in your room, the boys will bring you into their joy when they tell you about the things they are enjoying.
So find out as much as you can about what you are facing and then pray and go....I'll pray,too!!

Never That Easy said...

Sue - Thanks for sharing: I loved the clip, and Unbroken is already on my wishlist for christmas. I hope you are doing a bit better...

Jennie Spotila said...

I'm reading the book now and it is OUTSTANDING by any measure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, Sue!

dominique said...

Thanks Sue. I just did a cross-post and did a ping back to your blog! Thanks for the update!

Amy K said...

I'm teary eyed after watching the video and how that man who has endured so much could also see how Laura Hillenbrand has too.

I'm adding Unbroken to my wish list, too!

On another note, I just came across your blog for the first time. I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I look forward to following your blog and connecting more in the future!


Pris said...

I saw that clip. She's done more for this illness simply by writing her excellent books than many. In a way, she's become our 'celebrity' rep. I have the book. When I'm in a period when I can read again, it's first. Seabiscuit was wonderful!