Thursday, November 18, 2010

ME/CFS In the News

Two interesting news items came to my attention this morning:
  • A new documentary about ME/CFS, called Invisible, is being released tomorrow in Vermont; the director/producer has CFS.  This is the first I'd heard of this one - I'm interested to see it.  I also highly recommend another award-winning CFS documentary, I Remember Me (see link below).
  • An update from the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog on the new, large-scale study to test CFS patients for XMRV.  What's new and exciting about this study is that it is a cooperative study between WPI and FDA/NIH (who have both previously found XMRV and related viruses) and the CDC (who has not).  They are agreeing on using the same selection criteria, the same handling and storage requirements, and the same testing methods.  Hurray! 
The Laura Hillenbrand story was AGAIN pre-empted from the Today Show yesterday for the second day in a row, in order to make room for extended coverage of the royal engagement.  No offense to my friends in the UK, but enough already!   No official word on when it will run, but I'm watching again today!

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