Monday, October 17, 2011

Movie Monday 10/17

Well, we did manage to have a nice, relaxing weekend.  Jamie is still crashed from over-doing on Saturday (playing soccer, watching a HS football game, and going to his dance), but I do think this is a simple case of over-exertion and am hoping he will recover soon.

We didn't watch many movies last week - mostly just TV shows - but Jamie and I watched one on Friday night:
  • We watched X-Men Origins - Wolverine which Jamie had seen before.  He really wanted to see it again - I wasn't too excited about it but gave it a try.  I knew nothing at all about the X-Men before this movie, but apparently, it is the story of how Wolverine got his start as a superhero.  I have to admit, it was a pretty good movie - lots of action, of course.  And I admit, I am now a bit curious about the other X-Men...
How about you - have you seen any good movies lately?

(If you are interested in what our family has been reading this week, check out the Monday post at my book blog.)


Baffled said...

I've seen all the Xmen movies. My hands down favs are the first one, X-Men, and the one that just came out, X-Men First Class. Origins isn't bad but I prefer the other two.

We dropped Netflix so I haven't been watching any movies. I've been watching Star Trek Enterprise on Amazon Prime along with Arrested Development. I had forgotten how funny that series was. I'm forever bummed that it got canceled.

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Jamie said he wants to see more X-Men movies (he saw X-Men First Class and loved it).

I've never seen Arrested Development - will have to give that a try next time we're between seasons on TV!


Renee said...

We did watch a movie~ Hearafter and it was really slow, and kind of dark and gloomy but with a happier ending~ no plans to watch X-men..too much action for these Lymies!

Sue Jackson said...

We watched Hereafter a few weeks ago, and I really liked it, Renee. Ken thought it was a bit slow, but I liked how the three stories came together...and I agree it was a hopeful ending.