Friday, September 06, 2013

Comprehensive ME/CFS Research Initiative at Stanford

Cort Johnson has done it again - written a fascinating, complete overview on his blog of a critical initiative going on in the ME/CFS world. You can read the full article here, but I'll tell you about the high points.

Many of you have heard of Dr. Montoya's  breakthrough antiviral study that was published several years ago - he shows some amazing results in treating severe ME/CFS patients who'd tested positive for high levels of both HHV-6 and EBV with Valcyte. Some of the patients recovered so much that they were able to return to work.

Fast-forward to the present and, as Cort's excellent article explains, Dr. Montoya has now created a comprehensive research initiative for ME/CFS - that in itself is great news but making it even better is the fact that this initiative is at Stanford, the nation's #2-ranked medical school. The work done at Stanford has the potential to be widely recognized, shared, and certainly respected across the nation and the world.

Dr. Motoya has established a team of 21 medical professionals in a wide range of specialties - just to investigate ME/CFS. They are continuing the research that Montoya started a few years ago, investigating potential viral infections that might be behind ME/CFS, but also moving the research into new areas - looking at other infectious agents (including the bacteria that causes Lyme!), genetics, immunology, the brain, and the heart. In all, it sounds like a comprehensive research plan, investigating all aspects of our illness.

And it's STANFORD (did I mention that?)! The rest of the medical world will take notice.

This fabulous initiative at Stanford, combined with several other huge studies looking for immune dysfunction, biomarkers, and infectious agents in ME/CFS, gives me tremendous hope for the future - not just the future of our children but our own not-so-distant futures as well. I think we are on the brink of some discoveries that could change everything for people with ME/CFS.

I highly recommend reading Cort's entire article on the Stanford ME/CFS Initiative - it's all so exciting and hopeful! It also includes a video clip of a presentation given by Montoya.


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