Friday, January 20, 2017

ME/CFS Advocate Named an Oprah Health Hero!

The January issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, has a feature article called

O's 2017 Health Heroes: 
Our first annual tribute to the many faces of health and healing

Among the 14 people chosen by O as 2017's Health Heroes is our very own hero, Carol Head, President of Solve ME/CFS, an organization that supports and fosters ME/CFS scientific research as well as advocacy efforts.
You can read Carol's accolades here (along with the rest of the article). It's a brief paragraph, but it explains that ME/CFS is a very real and serious illness that makes its patients feel sick, not just tired.

Best of all, this brief tribute to Carol (which, by the way, is well-deserved) appears in a very popular mainstream magazine with over 2.4 million readers! That's good for all of us!

So congratulations to Carol for this wonderful recognition...and congratulations to all of us with ME/CFS who can use all the positive publicity we can get!

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