Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly Inspiration: How to Live Passionately

On this lovely, sunny (sun, finally!) Sunday morning, I browsed through the TED Talks homepage, looking for some inspiration to share with you. I came across a short talk by Isabel Allende (an acclaimed novelist) called How to Live Passionately, which sounded promising. I enjoyed watching it - Allende has a good sense of humor. It turned out to be focused on aging...but I still think this is an inspirational talk for anyone at any age, all about living your life with passion, with meaning, and with joy. Check it out (it's a short one - just 8 min long):

Toward the end, she says something along the lines of " always have choices, unless you are ill or very poor." But I would disagree with that last part. Yes, true, we have far fewer choices when living with chronic illness - I can't go backpacking like I'd like to and must spend every afternoon napping - but we DO still have significant choices to make in how we live our lives. We can choose our attitudes, we can choose which people we associate with (whether online or in real life), and we can choose to look for joy in every day. In fact, I wrote a blog post years ago called Finding Joy in Every Day, with some great tips in case you are struggling with that.

How do you live your life passionately? What choices do you make that enhance your life?

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