Friday, October 21, 2022

Chronic Illness Vlog & Lake Vacation

My ME/CFS is still in a relapse--10 weeks now. It's getting old. I am definitely better off than I was at my worst but still nowhere near my normal level of functioning. I still have flu-like aches every day, so I am still mostly couchbound, though I have been able to leave the house for short errands. I still can't tolerate even a short walk (with treatments for OI and immune dysfunction, I was able to walk for up to an hour without crashing!) or even sitting up for long. I'm typing this from a reclining lounge chair out on the deck to enjoy this nice fall day!

But I got a huge treat last week--a long weekend at a beautiful lake house in the Poconos in eastern Pennsylvania with my husband, our two adult sons, and their girlfriends. I've been planning this since last Christmas and was worried how I would handle it, but I managed OK. Even the couch in this house had great views of the lake! It was just what I'd hoped for--just some relaxed vacation time with our sons. The last family vacation we had together was in 2019. 

So, my latest vlog includes video clips from home last week, as I rested and tried to get ready for the trip, and then some videos and photos of "our" beautiful lake house last weekend. Studies show that just looking at pictures of nature has physical and mental health benefits, so enjoy!

You can watch the video on YouTube or I will imbed it here. 

Either way, leave a comment and tell me how YOUR life has been lately!

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