Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Interview on Chronic Illness and ME/CFS

Last week, I was interviewed by my local independent bookstore! They were very understanding about my limitations and the potential issues with me doing an in-person event in a crowded store, so they used me as a test case for a new process: prerecording an interview on a videoconferencing app and then sharing it on their Facebook page. It worked out very well! Though I am still very slowly working my way out of this months-long relapse, I was able to sit up long enough for a half-hour interview in my own dining room!

The interview covers living with chronic illness in general and my book, Finding a New Normal, but she also asked me quite a lot of questions about ME/CFS specifically. She had just recently interviewed Meghan O'Rourke, author of The Invisible Kingdom, who also has ME/CFS, so she knew a bit and was interested to learn more. I mentioned the connection with long-COVID as well. That provided a great opportunity to build awareness of our oft-misunderstood illness! We also chatted about the writing process and about books and reading.

You can watch the short interview on the bookstore's Facebook page (sorry, this isn't one I can imbed here).

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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