Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Chronic Illness Vlog 12-12-22: Up and Down and a Dose of Nature

While I was able to finally recover from my three-month-long relapse, thanks to starting some treatments and stopping others (more on that in a future post), I'm still not quite back to what I consider my "normal" baseline.

So, this vlog from last week provides a pretty typical view of how I'm doing right now, with some good and active days, some run-down days, a COVID scare, and a nice dose of much-needed nature to share with you.

I had a very busy day yesterday (too busy, clearly) and am feeling pretty crummy today, so the ups and downs continue. This time of year is always tough for me, with too much to do. As a book blogging friend said to me earlier this week, "I can barely keep up with everything normally, and then to add holiday preparations--impossible!" 

Right now, I am trying to decide if I can manage my neighborhood book group tonight. I haven't been able to go since May, and I did have a good, long nap this afternoon ... but I'm still not sure I have the energy. After that long relapse, though, I have been reminded of how much I need some social interactions and to see friends once in a while. I still have two hours left to rest and decide!

Tell me how YOU are doing this holiday season?

How's your health been?

Is this time of year hard for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

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