Friday, December 02, 2022

Gifts Created by and for Spoonies

(Note: spoonie refers to anyone living with chronic illness and disability.) 

This holiday season, why not help to support your fellow chronic illness peeps by purchasing cool, unique gifts created by those with chronic illness and disabilities? Or maybe you deserve the gift of self-care for the new year!

When I put out a call for gifts created and sold by those with chronic illness, I was inundated with all sorts of wonderfully creative items! Some are made specifically with spoonies in mind and others would make great gifts for anyone on your list. And you'll be helping to support fellow spoonies! Check out these awesome items:


Suzan L. Jackson (I had to include my own book, too!)

Finding a New Normal: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness – guidance on emotional coping, daily living, relationships, and more.

Available anywhere books are sold, in paperback and all e-book formats.

Available here.

K.T. King

Fiction (including Little Eden series) and nonfiction (including 21st Century Prayers series), available in paperback and e-book. Author has ME/CFS.

Available here.

Kathleen O’Shea

So Much More Than a Headache: Understanding Migraine Through Literature

Available in paperback and e-book.

Available here

Strength and Sunshine – Rebecca Pytell

Breakfast Bliss: Delicious Allergen-Free Recipes – cookbook (looks yummy!)

Available here

Victoria Mack

5-Minute Gratitude Journal for People with Chronic Illness - A beautiful journal, with inspiring and supportive prompts to help with mindfulness, gratitude, and self-care.

Available here.


Infinitely Chelle – Chelle del Rosario

Beautiful notebooks and reading journals (wide variety with fun prompts).

Available here.

Jen Hardy’s Planners

3 planners just for those with chronic illness: Path to Happiness 5-year Journal, Chronic Illness Journal for Moms, and a Business Planner, all available on Amazon (all three linked from here):

Available here.




Words as Medicine Shop – Etsy – Christina B.

Wide variety of earrings – all different kinds of themes, shapes, colors, including holiday themes. I love earrings and want all of these!

Available here

(Also see under Other Gifts - several sellers with multiple items include jewelry)

 Other Gifts


Crafty Miss B – Etsy - Beth

Wide variety of hand-crafted items, made with embroidery, wood, metal, and fabric. Gifts include bookmarks, jewelry, decorations and ornaments. Creator has ME/CFS.

Only ships in UK.

Available here.

FUMS – Kathy Reagan Young (has MS)

Wide variety of gifts with the FUMS logo, including hats, tote bags & fanny packs, clothing, masks, and more.

Available here

ChronicIconic Designs – Etsy - Victoria Mack

A wide variety of products, including notebooks, t-shirts, buttons, candles, and artwork, featuring honest, irreverent, often funny designs. I like the t-shirt that says “Yes, I tried yoga” – lol.

Available here.

Grace and Magic – Etsy – Katherine Grace

Beautifully designed planners, journals, notebooks, and trackers, available in print, digital, and printable pages to help with all kinds of planning, organizing, tracking, and self-care.

Available here.

Siren Blossoms – Heather Wright

A wide variety of printables, jewelry, and books, available through Etsy, Amazon, and other platforms. All links here:

Available here

Achy Smile Shop – Erica Nicole Carrasco (chronic migraine)

Beautifully-designed migraine-themed shirts, stickers, hats, bracelets, and phone cases.

Available here.


Chronic Illness Shop Directory:


Ability Shop: Chronic Illness and Disability-Owned Small Business Directory

A directory of businesses of gifts, businesses, books, art, and services from those with chronic illness and disabilities.

Available here.

WOW! So many unique gifts from so many creative folks with chronic illness and disabilities! I love the idea of getting cool gifts (for others and for myself) while also helping to support fellow spoonies. 

Happy Shopping!

And if YOU create gifts or other items that are available for sale and not on this list, please include your link in the comments below (if you have trouble leaving a comment on a mobile device, try using a computer).


Jen Hardy said...

This is a great list! Thanks for all the work you do to create such an amazing blog. I also wanted to thank you for sharing my planners! Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Here is another etsy shop by a friend with MECFS.

Thank you, Sue, for putting these lists together!

Sue Jackson said...

Thanks, Jen! I was happy to include your planners - they look great! I wish I'd had the Moms one when my kids were little!


Sue Jackson said...

Thank you, for leaving another link! I will also add it to my own list, as I may make this an annual feature.


JKMorgan said...

Thank you for putting this together. Here are the links to my book and websites. it is difficult living with chronic illnesses and this is so encouraging! JKMorgan

Sue Jackson said...

JK -

I'm happy to bring attention to all these wonderfully creative folks!

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-published novel! That's a huge accomplishment :)

I may do this every year, so I'm adding your book to my list.