Friday, December 23, 2022

Holiday Help for the Chronically Ill

I have been immersed in holiday preparations (I successfully did a little bit each day this year to avoid the last-minute rush!), but I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a happy holiday season and to offer some tips, support, and fun to help you through this often-difficult time for those with chronic illness.

First up, the part of the holidays I struggle with the most (and many of you, too, from your posts and comments) is family relationships, which can be challenging when you're chronically ill. Those challenges multiply with the stresses and expectations of the holiday season. That's why I wrote Managing Family Relationships - Holidays and Beyond, which is excerpted from my book. This article/chapter provides practical tips to help you not only manage relationships but even enjoy the holiday season, in your own way.

Last year at this time, also in a time crunch without time to write my own post, I collected Chronic Illness Tips and Support (and Fun!) from other chronic illness bloggers and writers. Check out that round-up of support, practical advice, and some time-out fun, too. There is a lot of collective wisdom in the large chronic illness community!

Finally, when you just need to take a break from all the activity and people and noise, check out Movies and TV for the Holidays (or Not!), my own collection for the season. I included some of my favorite holiday movies, old and new, and some outstanding, uplifting non-holiday movies and TV shows, if you just need to escape for a bit. Re-reading this list reminds me of how great these films and shows were!

OK, that's it for me until after Christmas. I still have a few more decorations to put up, cooking to do tomorrow, and my son and his girlfriend are coming for dinner in a bit. Trying to pace myself!

How are you doing this holiday season?

Do you have any tips or favorite holiday movies and TV shows?

Please share in the comments.

Enjoy the holiday season, in whatever way you can!


James said...

I enjoyed the family friendly Christmas movie Get Santa (2014). An all ages film with some action and humor it is available for free on Kanopy and probably other streaming platforms.

For a little humor and mystery at the same time any of the Christmas episodes of the TV show Monk are good. Season 6 Episode 10 "Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus" is a classic.

Sue Jackson said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendations, James! I've never seen that movie. And we've never seen Monk, but we've been wanting to watch it. That's next up now - we love crime shows with some humor. Thanks!