Monday, January 04, 2010

Movie Monday 1/4

I'm already feeling overwhelmed, and it's only January 4! So much to do and catch up on after a hectic holiday season and a crash-filled fall. At least I finally got my 2010 calendar set up tonight. Our holiday season actually extends well into January, with Craig's birthday on January 13 and several sets of houseguests in the coming weeks. Maybe in mid-January I can actually start working!

Despite the chaos of the past couple of weeks, we did squeeze in a few good movies:
  • It's a Wonderful Life. An annual tradition! We watched it Christmas Eve and Christmas night, and I cried my eyes out at the end, just like I do every year.
  • Come Early Morning. We enjoyed this drama starring Ashley Judd as a woman in rural Arkansas with a bad habit of waking up hung-over in strange beds. She has lots of issues but meets a new (much more worthy) man who helps her begin to change her life for the better.
  • Click. We watched this one with the kids on New Year's Eve in Oklahoma (it was their first year staying up until midnight - well, midnight Eastern time!). I expected typical Adam Sandler silliness - and there was some of that, including fart and boob jokes - but it was also surprisingly warm and touching. I actually cried at the end, and, instead of teasing me like they usually do, both Jamie and Craig admitted that they were close to tears, too! It's the story of a harried father who gets a universal remote control that actually works in real life to pause, fast-forward, mute, etc.
  • Changeling. A powerful movie based on an incredible true story. A single mother in 1928 Los Angeles comes home from work to find her son is missing. Months later, the LAPD return a boy to her, amid great media attention, but she insists he is not her son. This story and what follows are all the more horrifying because it really happened. A gripping story of a mother's love and determination.
  • Charlie Wilson's War. Another excellent movie based on a true story, starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hanks plays the Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, who single-handedly launched a covert effort to help Afghanistan rebels fight against the Russian Army that invaded their country. It's an amazing story and very well-done - absolutely fascinating.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


  1. I was so amazed that both The Changeling and Charlie Wilson's War claimed to be based on true stories that I stopped the films part way through and looked up the characters on Wikipedia. The movies aren't just based on true stories, they are almost exactly what happened in each instance. I agree that they both were excellent movies, especially the acting (is Philip Seymour Hoffman ever anything less than excellent?).

  2. I agree, Toni - he's great in everything!

    I was also so taken by the story in Charlie Wilson's War that I stayed up late to watch the mini documentary on the real Charlie Wilson that was on the DVD...even though it was already way past my bedtime!


  3. Thanks for the movie updates Sue! It's always good to know what to order next on Netflix.

    I too enjoyed Charlie Wilson's War.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman is an excellent actor.

  4. I think Joel and I will have to watch Charlie Wilson's War. Sounds good.
    The only movie we watched here was A Dog Named Christmas. We both loved it.
    Hope your sense of being overwhelmed is soon replaced with peace and calm. Stay warm!!

  5. I've recently seen Young at Heart, which was sweet and sad and wonderful (why did it not occur to me that a chorus of senior citizens might have some very sad moments?), and Julie & Julia which was excellent as well.

    Our holidays stretch out as well, with more than 3/4 of our birthdays happening between Halloween and February vacation. So I understand how you feel.

  6. Hi Sue--
    I find myself looking forward to your "Movie Mondays" posts. Such a great idea.

    Wanted to share a movie we got to the theatre to see (such a treat with CFS to be able to get out and watch something on the big screen. I was not functioning well when the movie was over, but the excursion with my family was worth it). We saw "Up in the Air" with George Clooney. It is both fun entertainment and humorous, yet catches the reality of the economic climate as well as the effect of technology over in person communication, and their effect on individuals. I found myself thinking about it for days afterwards.

    Love "Click"--what a great movie for new years eve, funny and tender, with much to say about what's important in life.

    I send you calm, stay as healthy as can be vibes through January's hosting houseguests. To follow up the holidays with company would be an overflowing plate even if one didn't have serious health challenges.

  7. I'm glad everyone is enjoying Movie Mondays! Ken always goes into work on Mondays and trades movie notes with a friend who also likes to watch DVDs on weekends, but he can never remember the names of what we watched - I told him he needed to check Movie Mondays!

    Young at Heart and Julie & Julia are both on my want-to-see list.


  8. I would love to do a Movie Mondays but that would require watching enough movies to write about -- HA! I'm lucky to get through an hour-long show, but two hours --- no way. These all sound so good! When we get 2 hrs together I'll have to try one of them :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've wanted to see the Changling. I've seen CW's War and Click. Nice choices!

    Jeff and I watched more movies than normal while the kids were gone - we even went to see Avatar! We saw Star Trek and Angels & Demons.

    Hope you're doing well. Have a great day,