Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quote It Saturday 1/30

I'm still feeling sort of crummy (not horrible but not good either), but at least the boys are both doing well! That's always a relief. Ken is at the grocery store - something he absolutely hates! I really need to take the advice many of you gave me last week and order online next time I'm unable to go myself. It'd be worth the $10 delivery fee just to keep him from getting into such a bad mood.

I decided to go with a short quote today, another one from Dorothy Wall's amazing memoir of living with CFS, Encounters with the Invisible:

Ultimately, pain is deeply private. At the moment we most need connection, we are most enclosed in a personal world, scribbling out our fragmented notes like reports from somewhere far away.

- Dorothy Wall, Encounters with the Invisible

I thought this was appropriate for my weeks of being crashed. At times like this, CFS can be so isolating. At the same time, it makes me think about how much blogging has changed my life. Now when I'm this sick and "scribbling out [my] fragmented notes like reports from far away," there is a whole community of people (you!) out there reading my scribbled notes, understanding what I'm going through, and offering support and encouragement. It makes such a huge difference! I don't feel depressed or lonely, as I often did in my first years with CFS. Thanks!

Hope you're enjoying a good weekend.


Lori P said...

Sue, I didn't even get to your quote yet, but had an idea. I don't know if you make menus or not weekly, but I began to do that in our early days when I (1) hated to come up with dinner at the last minute and, (2) had a VERY tight budget. If you make you menu for 2 weeks out and order online, paying the $10 delivery fee, I guarantee that you will spend less in the long run. First, planning meals saves money and on top of that not seeing yummy looking things in the grocery store will save. You should try it for a month or two - totally planning out and compare it with prior months spending. Just my .02. My theory is that in the end, you'll spend less. :)

dominique said...

I'm sorry you are still not feeling well. I am glad that the boys are. That takes a little stress off of you, I would think.

Where are you able to order groceries on line and have them delivered? I've never heard of such a thing.

I found my self very interested to see what your quote for today would be. Good one. I love the line, "ultimately pain is deeply private." Wow!

I think I may just add this book to my Amazon wish list.

I really hope you start feeling better soon. My post today might just make you smile...or laugh! :-)

Renee said...

Like the quote, and I echo your words Sue. Blogging and connecting with everyone has helped me feel so much less lonely and isolated. As of today I have not left the house since December 31st. Over 4 weeks. In the past this would be so hard with no one to "talk" it is a blessing for me to have this group...everyone gets it. They understand and they care. Thank you too Sue for being one of those people you talk about today.
I have been trying to talk Joel into ordering groceries and having them delivered such luck yet, but hopefully over Lent.

Hope you feel better soon.

Sue Jackson said...

Lori -

Thanks for the advice - it's good advice! I've been planning meals for 1-2 weeks at a time for many years now. Even if I'm doing relatively well, I can't count on feeling well enough to hit the grocery store often. So, I plan ahead, based on what's on sale at the store, and that way I only have to shop once a week (or less), except for grabbing extra milk or fresh produce. You-re right - it helps a lot! Also, my family likes a wide variety, so planning ahead lets me mix in new recipes with old favorites. I also try to keep a bunch of Trader Joe easy stuff in the freezer and pantry for nights when I don't have the energy to cook much. I haven't been to Trader Joe's since before Christmas - our freezer is empty! We ended up having Chinese take-out this week instead. Thanks!


Sue Jackson said...

Dominique -

Lots of grocery stores offer online ordering and delivery now. Stop & Shop does it nationwide, as do a few others. Our local chain is Acme (part of Albertson's) and they added delivery a few years ago. Check the websites for your local stores - you might be pleasantly surprised!


Unknown said...

Hooray that the boys are feeling better; I truly hope that you are not far behind. Sue, you seem to articulate what I'm feeling sometimes all to well. CFS is very isolating and blogging is a great support network. Hang in there.

Toni said...

Hi Sue,

I'm so glad that the boys are feeling better and hope you won't be too far behind in bouncing back to your "normal" soon. I am continually amazed at how you manage your illness and parenthood (and spousehood) so gracefully at the same time. I know I'm less functional than you are when you're at your best, but when you're down like you have been, you still have responsibilities that I don't since my kids are grown and gone.

You inspire me everyday. I love your blog!

Robyn S. said...

I love the quote-- and I agree that the blogging community here helps tremendously during the darkest "no one understands how frustrating and lonely this illness is!" type moments. And in reference to your last post on my blog (thanks for reading, btw!), of course I don't mind you giving out my blog info! I welcome the chance to expand our little CFS-blogger family. Thanks for your support, Sue!

me/cfs warrior said...

Dorothy Wall's book is wonderful. I think maybe I need to buy it rather than just getting it from the library.

I know what you mean about the blogging community. I don't know what I'd do without everyone. For me blogging is the only way I can have a voice and the support and comments from everyone are so helpful in many ways...

Sherry said...

I love that quote. I need to get this book. Thank you, Sue.