Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Week Goes By...

I really don't have anything riveting to post, but I realized it's been a few days since I've posted anything at all.

Craig ended up being out sick all week - he went back into school at 11 am today (Friday), just in time to collect his make-up work from all of his teachers. It seems he caught a cold, which of course triggered a bad crash and then led to a sinus infection. He's on antibiotics now and feeling much better. He's even going to a friend's birthday party tonight, though he's not going to stay for the sleepover part. It's so good to see him back in his natural state - bouncy and enthusiastic and full of life! It's just awful when he crashes because it's so unlike him. Thank goodness for Florinef. Before Florinef, he missed 35 days of school in 3rd grade. Last year, in 5th grade, he missed only 12 days! Getting his adenoids out helped, too, to reduce his sinus infections.

As for me, I was crashed all week, too. Yesterday was the worst, though I brought it on myself by going to my book group Wednesday evening and out to dinner with a friend. It was worth it!! But when I woke up Thursday, I didn't know how I was going to drag myself out of bed. I checked on Craig, then went back to bed, got up to get him and I some breakfast, then went back to bed until 9 am, when I had to get up and call the pediatrician's office. Don't know how I managed the doctor's office and pharmacy, but I did.

And now, here it is Friday again. So soon? Another week slips by unnoticed. I did nothing at all but watch movies with Craig, read, and rest. Remember last Monday, I said I was starting my new year? Nope. Looks like my new year will start in February! I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend with everyone healthy. Hope you have a good weekend, too!


Dominique said...

I'm so sorry you and Craig had such a bad crash this week.

It is a little frustrating that our bodies give payback every time we try to do something fun or enjoyable, huh.

I was going to start a detox this month but am pushing it back because of my crash as well. I guess flexibility is a good thing!

I can't imagine being so young and having this illness. Your boys do seem to rebound and enjoy themselves when they feel better though!

Hope your weekend is restful and rejuvenating!

Renee said...

Have a great weekend, Sue!

Toni said...

I'm officially naming Monday, February 1st: "Sue's New Year."

Lori P said...

Hi Sue,
It's good to know that Craig is already better. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week. But hey, February is just as good as any other month to start the new year, right? Have a good weekend.

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

January has been a write off for me too. I'm glad to hear Craig is on the mend as he seems to be having a rough time lately.

Roll on February, eh? Take care.

Pris said...

I'm voting for February, too! I'll join you in that new start.

Unknown said...

Rest up & take care of yourself. Here's to a good weekend!