Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toni Bernhard on NPR

I just realized today that, during that week my computer was broken a couple of weeks ago, I missed the airing of fellow CFS patient Toni Bernhard's commentary on NPR's Morning Edition.

Toni is the author of the fabulous book, "How To Be Sick," which I highly recommend for anyone dealing with chronic illness (it is actually appropriate for anyone dealing with any sort of challenges in life).  You can read my review at my book blog.

Toni did a wonderful job with the NPR commentary - you can listen to it online if you missed it, like I did.  For more information, visit Toni's How To Be Sick website.


  1. Thank so much, Sue. I appreciate your friendship and support so much.

  2. Thansk for posting the link to the broadcast. I missed it and wanted to listen to it.

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Listening right now...