Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quote It Saturday 2/26

Happy Weekend!  It is such a big thrill to have a weekend at home, with no travel and nothing going on.  Ken and I are trying to get caught up on all the things that haven't gotten done lately!

I've been trying to revive my Quote It Saturday routine, featuring quotes from books that somehow spoke to me about my own life, even if they have nothing to do with chronic illness.

Today's quote is from Still Alice, a novel by Lisa Genova about a very accomplished professional woman who works as a professor at Harvard and is suddenly struck by early-onset Alzheimer's.  You can read my review of the novel at my book blog

I really enjoyed this novel, though it is heart-breaking at times.  It is ultimately about finding joy even in the most limited life and about the strength of the human spirit.  Interestingly, although Alzheimer's is quite different than CFS in many ways (including the fact that it is always fatal), I related to many, many of Alice's thoughts as she adjusted to her new life of chronic illness.  This passage is one of my favorites and is dedicated to YOU, all of my wonderful online friends.  These were Alice's thoughts after starting an online group for early-onset Alzheimer's patients:

There they were, her new colleagues.  She read their names over and over.  Mary, Cathy, and Dan.  Mary, Cathy, and Dan.  She began to feel the kind of wondrous excitement mixed with barely suppressed dread she'd experienced in the weeks before kindergarten, college, and graduate school.  What did they look like?  Were they still working?  How long had they been living with their diagnoses?  Were their symptoms the same, milder, or worse?  Were they anything like her?"
                   - Still Alice by Lisa Genova

This quote reminds me of the way I felt when I first began discovering other people with CFS online, my new colleagues!  And you've all enriched my life in so many ways.

This is just one of many quotes I liked from Still Alice, so I may quote from the novel again in a future Quote It Saturday.

Hope all of my colleagues are enjoying a restful and joy-filled weekend!


Elaine said...

That is a beautiful quote. I find myself wondering those same things when I meet others with illness. I too, am amazed at the community of people here who give me strength, wisdom, and courage to continue to face the days. I appreciate you and all the others.

Glad you are having a quiet weekend. Our kids are running errands for us today so we don't have to go out either. I am thankful for that today.



Renee said...

Hi Sue
Bless you for thinking of us all...our colleague group here online. Yes! A great blessing to help us on our journey...

parenting ad absurdum said...

Well said. Having affirmation and support from others who identify with you is so important, no matter what your condition!