Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Pooped to Post

Just wanted to write a quick note to explain my absence lately.  We spent the weekend driving back and forth to my hometown of Rochester, NY, for a family funeral.  Traffic and a closed road Friday afternoon led to a 10-hour drive to get there, arriving at my dad's house at 11 pm, then a very long day Saturday with the funeral home, church service, cemetery service, and family meal, followed by an 8-hour trip home on Sunday.

As you can imagine, I was pretty wiped out Monday morning...but I still had to go out to get some groceries and a new phone (ours broke Friday).  Today was a two-hour initial meeting with a disability lawyer, which was the last straw.  I'm pooped - achy and sore throaty and out of energy.

I really intended to write about my newest treatment (using beta-blockers to help control OI), but I just can't put cohesive thoughts together to explain anything medical right now.  Maybe tomorrow.  Looks like take-out for dinner tonight.


Elaine said...

Hope you can get some good rest and that you recover quickly from all this. Just reading about it makes me tired....

What is OI? When you have the energy to post...

I'm sorry for your loss.


Sue Jackson said...

Thanks so much, Elaine!

Here's my post on OI:


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your family's loss, Sue. Take care.

Elaine, OI is orthostatic intolerance. You can search through this blog for it, and Sue's posts are very informative. Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Oh nevermind, saw your next comment Sue.


Anonymous said...

Those long road trips can take it out of you. I hope you get rested soon and feel better!

Pris said...

Whew. Ten hours? Can you sit that long or do you have a way to stretch out. Very busy time. I've heard Beta Blockers have helped with OI, so that'll be interesting to read later.

Rest, rest. I'm doing the same and I've only been going to medical appointments...not long road trips.

Jane said...

I was diagnosed with 'fatigue' on Monday, 14th Feb by my endocrinologist. Couldn't understand why I felt so AWFUL! Have a history of hypothyroidism but everything came back normal so not taking meds. Felt like crying when the thyroid results initially came back...thought either I was crazy or my doctor was because it left me with.."Then what the h is wrong with me!". I am so happy to have found this blog. Feel like I have kindred spirits. As I read through all of your posts I keep saying...yeah that's me! Thank you:)

Sue Jackson said...

Jane -

I'm so glad to hear you have found some comfort and camaraderie here - welcome!!

Don't settle for a diagnosis of "fatigue" - that's meaningless and a cop-out by that doctor! Fatigue is a symptom, not a diagnosis, that can be caused by LOTS of different medical conditions.

If you think you might have CFS, take a look at these websites to help you decide:

The CDCs definition of CFS (it's not perfect but it covers the major bases):

The symptom referred to as post-exertional malaise is a critical component of CFS - that's when exertion makes all your symptoms much worse. So, if you took a walk or went to the grocery store, later that day or the next day, you would suddenly feel like you have the flu.

Here's a self-quiz for CFS:

More info about diagnosing CFS:


And a list of lab tests that can help to confirm or rule out CFS:

If your symptoms DON"T fit CFS, then use the list on the above page to help narrow down what might be causing your fatigue. Don't give up! Finding the underlying cause of your fatigue will help you to find treatments that can help you feel better. Hypothyroidism alone causes fatigue, but it should improve dramatically with treatment.

No matter how things turn out for you, you are welcome here! Please let me know how things are going for you -

All the best -


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Pooped is such a great word. One feels like poop! Take time to rest my friend. Sounds like the broken phone was the last straw!

Sue Jackson said...

Jo -

That's funny...you're right! Dealing with the phone not working while trying to get packed and out the door to the trip was just the last straw!


Shelli said...

Sue, I hope you bounce back quickly. It makes me smile when I see that, even when you're under the weather, you're there to reach out to new followers and share your wealth of information with them. We're all blessed to have you.

Bloomin'Chick Jo said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Take your time and do what's best for you; your blog will still be here when you're feeling up to it! Feel better!