Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Movie Tuesday 2/8

Oh, shoot...I missed Movie Monday again!  Busy, busy, busy lately.  Ken and I had a meeting with our financial advisor yesterday (college is coming up fast!), right about the time of day I usually reserve for blogging.

Crazy busy weekend, too.  Jamie had a bit of a medical scare last week (he's fine now) that threatened to derail his planned class trip.  Thankfully, he got the OK to travel Thursday and spent Friday and Saturday touring Washington, DC, with his American History class. He had a great time and didn't even crash afterward!  Meanwhile, Craig had an all-day Academic Bowl Saturday - the three of us were at the high school from 9 am until 5 pm!  Craig and his team did a great job, but that was a very long day for me.  I actually skipped my nap - which I never do - so by 3 pm, I was wiped out.  I ended up lying on the floor in the hallway for a while!  Whatever it takes, right?  Interestingly, during that marathon day, I discovered that the mother of one of Craig's best friends has fibromyalgia.  Small world, right?

Then, of course, Sunday night was the Superbowl - we had a little family party here, just us, plus the last-minute addition of two of the boys' friends.  So, amid all that activity, we did find a few quiet hours to relax with some good movies:
  • Last week, in need of a quiet evening, we watched Eagle Eye with the kids.  Shia LeBeouf stars in this exciting, fast-paced thriller.  He and a woman who is a stranger to him get pulled into a strange, dangerous series of events.  Through some odd forms of coercion, they are both manipulated into some illegal actions.  They receive their instructions in strange ways and have no idea who is controlling things or what the purpose is.  It's a unique thriller with lots of unexpected twists and turns.  We all enjoyed it.
  • With Jamie away, Craig chose Shrek Forever After, supposedly the final Shrek movie!  It was just as fun and clever as all the earlier Shrek movies.  The clever puns and references and twisted fairy tales are the best part of this series.  For instance, I loved when a baker frosted Gingerbread Man's legs, and he shouted gleefully, "I've always wanted to wear chaps!"
  • After Craig's all-day quiz show and Jamie's 2-day trip, we were all exhausted Saturday night, so we hunkered down into the family room and watched Batman Begins.  Although there've been a glut of superhero movies lately, this was very good - an excellent interpretation of the Batman story, with some REALLY cool high-tech gadgets (the Batmobile was especially awesome).
Ken and I were too tired to stay up late for movies this weekend, but we did watch some episodes of Mad Men on DVD, and last night shared the Superbowl episode of Glee with the kids - the first time they've seen this incredible show!

Have you seen any good movies lately?


Baffled said...

Didn't do any movies this week. Just lots of TV on Netflix and Hulu and I just signed up for icenetwork so I've been slowly making my way through the entire Nationals figure skating competition that was held last weekend. I still have the mens, pairs and dance long programs to watch. I've seen the short programs in all catagories.

Meanwhile, hubby and I caught up on episodes of Human Target, Hawaii 5-0 and The Cape. I watched Monarch of the Glen and X Files and was very unhappy when Downton Abbey came to an end.

Anonymous said...

I was checking out all of your blogs and found this one! Wow! I will enjoy exploring...I have fibromyalgia and Hashimoto's thyroiditis but not CFS.
I do like your book blogs by the way. It's refreshing to see books besides the current cultural shift to vampires and demons!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Kathy -

What a pleasant surprise to see you over here at my CFS blog! Though I am sorry to hear you are dealing with similar issues of chronic illness. Although this blog is focused on CFS, lots of the posts are relevant to people with FM and Hashimoto's, too. I have other readers with FM. Small world, isn't it? It seems we have even more in common than I first thought.



parenting ad absurdum said...

I love shrek, and for some reason just can't get my three- and five- year old interested - so sad! We are all excited for the second Kung Fu Panda movie due out in the spring...