Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost and Found

I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.  That's what my parents used to tell me when I lost mittens on a daily basis when I was a kid.  Turns out I haven't come very far since then.

First, I lost the strap to my heart rate monitor on our trip to Rochester last weekend.  I figured it must have fallen out of the car at one of our stops.  I've been wearing it a lot, so I was lost without it all week, and Ken ordered me a new one ($30).  Then, this past weekend, we were visiting my mom and her husband, Ed.  I got into Ed's car at one point and saw my heart rate monitor strap just sitting on the passenger seat!  I pretty much freaked out and yelled, "Oh, my gosh!!  Where did you find this??"  Ed looked at me kind of weird and said, "Why, what IS it?"  Turns out he found it lying in their driveway...where it must have fallen out of our car last weekend when we stopped at their house for dinner on our way to Rochester.  Now that I have two, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll never lose it again!

Then, we got home from my mom's on Sunday, and I realized I forgot the power cord for my laptop at their house.  I actually looked at it Sunday morning when I unplugged my laptop and thought, "Wow, I better not forget this - that would be awful!"  And I did.  DUH!  It just arrived in the mail today, so I'm back online and - once again - trying to catch up after a forced period of no internet.

Do you think I will ever learn?  Probably not.

We did have a nice weekend, though Jamie was severely crashed through all of it.  He had two days' off school, thank goodness, and tried going back for a few hours today, but he's still really wiped out.  I think this is at least partly a herx reaction.  We stopped his bartonella medication, Zithromax, a couple of weeks ago in order to switch to a new med, and his symptoms began coming back - the only ones we'd seen any improvement on!  So, I consulted with the Lyme doctor, and we decided to put him back on Zithromax for that means, going through the herx reaction all over again.  The same thing happens to me when I stop taking doxycycline and restart it.  This has been a long, hard week for him, and it seems it's not over yet.

Craig seems to have a little cold.  He managed a huge amount of exertion this weekend - snowboarding and snow tubing - with only a brief crash Sunday evening, so that's good.  I better make dinner now.


Renee said...

Sorry to hear Jamie is going through more struggles with the Bart. Nasty stuff...but those bugs just don't know who they are dealing with, right Sue?~!
Had to chuckle at your lost and found items :)

Amanda said...

I used to always blame my forgetfulness on being blond, now I blame it on CFS! I'm the queen of post it notes. I'm always writing reminders. Like I'll write a post it note that says, take lap top cord and I'll stick it near my tooth brush. (or something I know I won't forget.) I also put reminders on my phone. My husband laughs at me. My phone will beep and he'll say, is it time for you to use the bathroom? haha! Hope everyone is feeling well! Glad that you're back online!

Sue Jackson said...

Amanda -

Ha ha - me. too, on all counts! I am the Queen of Lists - I have lists all over the house (and still I forget what I was supposed to do). Maybe I'll have to start carrying Post-It's with me at all times...


Elaine said...

And I thought I was the only one who "lost" things daily...... glad you have such a great sense of humor about it:)

Hope Jamie is feeling better.