Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Payback Time

Well, I didn't think I'd get to spend a whole day in NYC walking around and skipping my nap without consequences, did I? No, but a girl can always hope, can't she?

I only felt a little crashed on Monday, and pretty good (not great) on Tuesday. I've been couch-bound for so long, though, that I took advantage of yesterday's pretty good day to get groceries, deposit a stack of health insurance checks, and pay the library fines that piled up this past month. By Tuesday afternoon, I was starting to feel worse, and I woke up this morning back to truly horrible - a burning sore throat and aches so severe that I've spent most of the day in bed (bed days are much worse than couch days).

I'm not entirely sure whether this is a delayed response to Sunday's freedom, a sign that my stamina is so bad right now that the grocery store did me in, or yet another viral trigger messing with my immune system. Does it really matter?

Ken left this afternoon for nine days away, and we're both worried about how I'll manage. He stayed home from work this morning to get some stuff done around the house, which I really appreciated, and I'm glad I went to the grocery store yesterday to stock up, despite the fall-out. He usually tries to limit his time away, but he really needed to get out to Oklahoma to visit his parents, and it's a lot more affordable for us when combined with his business trip to Louisiana (yes, he's visiting our old home without me!).

Lots of good ideas for blog posts, but any more creative writing will have to wait for another day.


Lori P said...

Well it sounds like your attitude is good and you know how important that is. I hope you are able to snap out of this one fairly quickly. Rest up!

(Oh and, YES, my kids were driving me crazy yesterday. I left to go to the grocery store for one hour and they both called me several times fighting! - AND they're 16 & 19! Sheesh)

Take care,

Sue Jackson said...

I thought it must have been something like that, Lori! My kids are being very nice and helpful tonight since they know I'm not feeling well and we're on our own, but it probably won't last!


Toni said...

I guess you knew this was coming, Sue. The trip to NYC was worth it though. It's just too bad that this is a time that Ken has to be away. I predict that your boys will rise to the occasion and take good care of their mom! Rest up and find some way to indulge yourself.


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

I think the clue lies in trying to do too much before the crash sets in. But, it is practically impossible for us to just sit there when we feel not too bad. Chores have to be done. Been there, done that, worn the T shirt, eaten the stew etc.

Hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I love how you still hope! I do that all the time :) Hope your recovery is swift!