Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Happiness Award

I was very pleased this weekend when Forgetful Girl gave me The Happiness Award (check out her excellent blog and its list of other Happiness Award winners)! This award is right up my alley because I'm usually a pretty happy person, and I've made a special effort, since my CFS diagnosis, to recognize and appreciate the joys in my life - the things that make me happy.

So, thank you, Forgetful Girl! Now, I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and pass the award on.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

  • Sunshine! It was shining brightly today and making everything seem better.
  • Music - listening to lively, feel-good music and, of course, singing along!
  • My husband and kids. I love our little family of four.
  • Being outdoors. I wrote a blog post about The Joy of the Outdoors.
  • Good food. Especially with so many of life's little's splurges now unavailable, I love to enjoy really good food (and prepare it for my loved ones when I'm able).
  • Springtime! The sight of the first snowdrops blooming today made me smile.
  • Good friends - both in-person and virtual! I wrote previously about The Joy of Friendship.
  • Losing myself in a really great book.
  • Watching a wonderful, uplifting movie that makes me laugh and cry.
  • Travel. Oh, I love to travel!! I'm currently planning our spring break road trip to Louisiana and am so excited I can hardly wait.
Just making this list made me happy!

So, it's time to pass on The Happiness Award to a few others. As with the last award, this one comes from me with no strings attached. If you feel up to passing the award along, great! If not, no problem. You might want to try listing 10 Things That Make You Happy, though - just making the list will cheer you up!

I'd like to recognize the following bloggers who have shared their happiness with me and inspired me with their upbeat spirits and focus on joy:

Please stop by their wonderful blogs to share in their happiness!


Laura (aka Mom) said...

Wow, Sue, I'm honored that you would include me to pass on this Happiness award on to! You were there for me when I needed someone and were an encouragement and inspiration to ME! And you know you've become one of my closest online friends since then. So, you definitely deserved the award, and I hope I can give back half as much as you have given.

I like your list! And the top of your list - Sunshine - is one I'm looking forward to seeing more of this spring!


Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Great list Sue! I'm glad Spring is coming to your corner of the world. x

Kerry said...

Sue, Thank you for passing on the Happiness Award to me...I feel the same about you and your blog.

Oh my gosh Sue, after reading your happiness list, I've decided you are one of the most productive people I know (the books you've written)--and I know there's tons more...all this and you have CFS and two sons with it. WOW.

Looking forward to writing a "happy" list. Good timing...its been a really feeling lousy week and putting my head in a happy list is just what I need.

Can't wait to hear about your trip to Louisiana!

Unknown said...

Liked your list, Sue!

Anonymous said...



Never That Easy said...

Thanks Sue ~ I really appreciate it, and I posted my list tonight. I hope that your weekend went well!