Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Monday 3/22

Very hectic Monday here...and tomorrow's not looking much better. All three of us were worn out after our active weekend, though I'm feeling better this evening after a good nap. Craig was in the worst shape (it always surprises him when he feels wiped out on Monday mornings), but he did manage school. It was worth it - we enjoyed our visit up to my cousin's house. The kids all had a blast together.

Ken was away this weekend on a rare getaway with friends, golfing in Myrtle Beach. The poor guy got a stomach virus the first day and spent 24 hours with fever and chills in bed, but he perked up enough to enjoy the last 2 days of golf and is on his way home now. So, I watched a couple of girl movies, plus one with the kids:
  • The boys and I watched Casino Royale, a recent movie about the young James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, who has just achieved 00 status and is still a bit of a loose cannon. It was excellent and very action-packed. Jamie had a school assignment to write an essay about a movie, citing five science-related scenes and whether or not they could really happen. It was a cool assignment, and a James Bond movie was the perfect choice for it!
  • Friday night, I watched The Tenth Circle, a TV movie based on a Jodi Picoult book that a friend had told me about (she and I both read the book). It's a pretty dark story, about a teen girl in Maine who's the victim of date rape. She doesn't remember a lot from the night, and things get more and more complicated as the police investigate her ex-boyfriend. The girl's mother teaches Dante's The Inferno at the local college (hence the title). It was an excellent book, and the movie was very well-done, though it's somewhat disturbing (and made my friend and I glad we each have two boys!). In fact, I quoted from this book in a previous Quote It Saturday - quotes that are amazingly relevant to living with chronic illness.
  • Saturday and Sunday I watched 27 Dresses, a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl (from Grey's Anatomy). It was a light and sweet movie, the complete opposite of The Tenth Circle, but that's just what I needed after a very long day. By the time we got back from visiting my cousins and I got the boys to bed, I was totally wiped out! I lasted about an hour, then finished the movie Sunday evening. It's about a woman in NYC who has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings and is always focused of other people's needs. It was a bit predictable but fun and entertaining.
Have you seen any good movies lately?


Richard Lucas said...

I always go to sleep watching films. It's infuriating. I did the same thing watching the 6 Nations rugby between Scotland and Ireland this Saturday, which was even more annoying because it was a great game, and Scotland won!

Richard Lucas said...

I managed to stay awake through "The Blues Brothers" the other day, gotta love that film.

If you ever want to see a great British film, that manages to be both funny and sad at times, try "Withnail and I".

Sue Jackson said...

Richard -

Can you believe I've never seen Blues Brothers?? No idea how I've missed it all these years...

My husband sometimes falls asleep during movies, too!


Lori P said...

Hi Sue,
I have been so slack about visiting lately, so my apologies.

I'm liking your movie choices. I think we actually own 27 dresses (when you have a daughter, you tend to collect chick flicks).

I laughed when you said it's funny how Craig is always surprised at how tired he is. Ain't it the truth? Jes does the same thing and I just look at her with a "duh" expression. Sheesh.

Have a great day.

Shelli said...

Casino Royale is my favorite of the Bond movies. A little more depth to it, and an actual story line.

I've only read one Jodi Picoult book, "My Sister's Keeper," and I hated it. I don't know about the one you're referring to; a lot of people like her, so maybe I should give it another shot? Hm, not sure.

dominique said...

I have become quite the fan of Daniel Craig especially since I watched him (last weekend) in Defiance. It is a true story and his acting was amazing. (It takes place during the Nazi occupation era)

What would we do without our books, movies and laptops! Actually, I don't think I want to know! LOL! :-)

Kerry said...

27 dresses I remember being light and fun...and yes, I imagine a good balance to Jody Picoult.

Hope your hubby is feeling better. Nothing like getting sick on a get away. Seems to work that way often though...the body relaxes and so does the immune system.

This weekend we watched Precious, which I would give five stars and the academy award for best picture to. It is not easy to watch...hard subject, definitely upsetting at times. But, the beauty of humanity and hope that prevails carries the movie. The acting is amazing...amazing.

Hope you and your boys are recouping from your weekend. Glad it was fun and worth the CFS debt.
Thank goodness for movies and our sofas to watch them from.

GlasgowChris78 said...

I have watched loads of films this week, including Star Trek, Bobby, Hard Eight, Inglourious Basterds and The Truman Show. Everyone should watch Butterfly On A Wheel- it is fab. I have also enjoyed both series of Life On Mars over the past couple of weeks and the first series of Ashes To Ashes is shaping up to be good too.

I have nominated you for a Happiness Award because I appreciate all of the help and advice that you have given me.

Sue Jackson said...

Chris -

Great movie list! I loved Bobby and Inglorious Bastards, and The Truman Show is a classic! I should borrow that one from the library for my son. He'd love it. He's home sick today and watching Pleasantville on TV - another excellent movie!

We all want to see Star Trek, and I'll have to look for Butterfly on a Wheel. Thanks for the suggestion!

My husband and I LOVED the Life on Mars TV show (it was canceled last year), but I heard recently that the British version was even better.

Thanks very much for the Happiness Award! I'm glad I've been of some help to you - I know how difficult it is just after diagnosis. I hope you're getting some good rest this week.


Sue Jackson said...

Shelli -
I think My Sister's Keeper was one of Picoult's best books, so I'm not sure if you'd like her others! You might like Plain Truth, a mystery set in an Amish community. It was one of her earlier books and not quite so formulaic as her recent ones.

Dominique -
I'll have to check out Defiance. Thanks for the recommendation!

Kerry -
Is Precious out on DVD already? It sounds amazing! I'm not sure Ken will want to watch it with me, though - he doesn't like movies that are dark or depressing.


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult. One of my favourite books of her's is The Pact. I've avoided all the films based on the novels because I don't want them to ruin the books.

I watched a horror film over the weekend. It was called Shutter. It was about a couple that go over to Japan. Won't say anymore, except it was rubbish, predictable and not scary at all.

Good to hear your son went off to school after such a busy weekend!

Andrew pain chronic said...

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Anonymous said...

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